How to lose belly fat naturally by following simple steps

The tendency of joining Gym nowadays is highly increasing which is not at all bad as people get to know about the pros and cons of our diet and exercise schedule which we are following. But, there are still some people who still hesitate to join the gym because of their own reasons. Those kinds of people need to worry as there are various methods of losing belly fat naturally.  You just have to follow some regulations in your daily routine in order to lose the belly as fast as possible.

Here are some methods of losing belly fat naturally:

Proper sleep

It is the most common advice one can give for proper health as proper sleep is the best therapy for most of the problems these days. Proper sleep makes your nervous system works properly and keeps your metabolism boosted. It will be a great help in losing the belly fat in less time.


There are some activities which you can adapt to your daily routine at your home which will assist in losing the belly fat. Some of these exercises are jogging, running, jumping, chair squats and dance. All these exercises can be done easily at home.

Boost Metabolism

If your metabolism is high, then your calories will burn in high amount, and you will remain active the entire day.

Correct food

If you are doing exercise daily and also taking proper sleep but not taking right food, then you will not be able to lose the belly fat. Coordination between sleep, exercise, and diet is a must. Your food should include Chai seed, green vegetables, lean meat and similar food.

Avoid extra sweets

You should be very careful about the sweets you are taking. If the sweets you are eating are made up of natural ingredients, then there is no issue, but if the sweets are made up of artificial sweeteners, then you should immediately stop the consumption of these sweets.

Fat burning beverages

If you are willing to lose the belly fat as soon as possible, then you must try some natural fat burning beverages like green tea, water, ginger tea and fruit juices. All these beverages will help you losing weight fast but don’t forget to drink boiled water.

Use Natural cooking oil

Always remember to use the natural cooking oils for your food as the use of fatty oils will increase your belly fat.

Give rest to body

In this era, rest is something everyone is craving for, but few can get it. Your body needs proper rest in order to have the smooth functioning of the nervous system. The nervous system will increase the metabolism in your body and burn more calories.

Well, we have tried to describe all the essential tips to adapt to lose the belly fat. You should follow the instructions in the proper procedure so that you can get the positive results as soon as possible. So, adapt these tips to your daily routine to lose the belly fat without joining a gym. Moreover, you can go on to check out some best product reviews if you are planning on any supplements.


Top sherwani designs for men review

In Indian society, the wedding ceremony is a reason to shop and buy some damn expensive and classy clothes. Sherwani is one such kind of clothing which is most of the time wore by the groom in his wedding. Sherwani is a long coat which is fashioned by many different types of attire like Khara pajama, salwar or with kurta and churidar. It is a dress with heavy fabrics and hence is a heavy to wear cloth. Moreover, some sherwani’s are hand made and have hand work/art on it for designs and hence become more cumbersome. Though sherwani culture was started by the Muslim community in India, it was adopted by each and every sector for the purpose of a wedding.


Many Indian designers have introduced a lot of many designs and modern patterns so that they can provide Indian sherwani customers with something new and unique. Since sherwanis are a major clothing garment in Indian wedding’s, therefore, it is necessary that the sherwani’s woven must be different from each other in some way. Some of the top sherwani designs and their designers can be read below.

Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra is a name which is related to Bollywood since he has dressed a lot of actresses for various fashion shows, movies, parties, etc. But he has his designs and ideas extended to men clothing also. Being one of the India’s top fashion designers he has par the excellence of sherwani designs. His designs of sherwani are made especially for the groom to be in the limelight. His designs contain the perfect mixture of traditional, modern and funkiness one would like to wear. Though his stock of sherwani is way too high in price, it is worth since wedding is the just one-time event in one’s life. You can always find his designs in the best product reviews.

Rohit Bal

Rohit Bal was born in Kashmir and in currently working as a fashion designer in New Delhi. After gaining experience with his brother Rajiv Bal in Orchid Oversea Pvt.Ltd he started his own independent collection series from early 1990. His designs started the western looks in a sherwani. He gave some great dressing attire with sherwani with the colorful and embroidered robes.

Rajesh Pratap Singh

Born in Rajasthan Rajesh was always aware of how the sherwani must be evolved with the modern scenario. Therefore he took right guidance from NIFT, Delhi and graduated from this dome of art. He for expertise gain experience under the well-known designer of 90’s David Abraham. He started his independent designs from 1997 and made his name in the fashion industry with his unique and vibrant designs. Rajesh has launched his designs in many brave colors like blue, yellow and that too with velvet and shiny fabrics. He was awarded best the designer on 2009 GQ Men of the year award.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

This man from Kolkata had waved his flags of designs in many fashion shows globally and also have designed clothes for movies like English, Guzaarish, Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, Babul, etc. he started his own independent luxury brand of clothes under his name ‘Sabyasachi.’ He launched his designs of sherwani in 2009 at Lakme Fashion week for summer spring. The Indian diaspora most wears his designs since his designs have an Indian look with a fusion of western style. His sherwani, headgear, and kurta are mostly attractive with embroideries all over them, which gives it an Indian touch. You can always count on, even read the reviews of products by Sabyasachi and get yourself confident to purchase the product.


In weddings every individual desire to look as beautiful as possible. And to fulfill this desire one needs to go for some great designs and modern patterned and textured fabrics. The designers have mastered the art of understanding the fashion sense of a society with its culture and then design their cloth series for events required. And therefore are highly successful with designing top sherwani designs for men.

List of best apps not available in play store

List of best apps not available in play store

There are a number of applications available in Play Store that covers almost every type of requirement imaginable. You can easily download and install any software, game, tool or software application. In spite of the fact that Google PlayStore contains millions of applications; there are some applications which are not available here. These applications are quite useful and in demand by the users, but are somehow not a part of the play store. To help you know, what applications does not forms part of Google play store, we have brought forth some of them for your reference;

Freedom application

Freedom apk is a new entrant in the range of Android applications available for download. As soon as you start this amazing application, you are locked away from the Internet according to the desired time of your choice. After that, you will experience relief with no tweets, emails or WhatsApp messages to bother you. This application is compatible with more than 85% of Android phones. It is a useful application for parents and students who want to spend some time away from online activity. You can choose the time of lock and even levels of the lock.

Xposed Framework Installer

It is a must have an application which gives you the ability to make changes in the system of your device. You can even customize your ROM such that it can suit your requirements and help you run different kinds of applications and modules. However, you need to have your Android phone rooted with super user rights to download and unlock all features of this application.


Amazon Underground

Most of the android users would be already using official Amazon application from PlayStore but in case you haven’t downloaded Amazon Underground app, then you are definitely missing a lot. This app gives you a lot of new shopping features that you don’t have access to in official app. You will also find a range of applications and games available here which can be downloaded free of cost.

Humble Bundle

If you are looking for ways to get access to paid games then humble bundle offers you with a number of games at relatively cheaper prices. Each bundle has 10 games and the best thing is you get these games by paying lower prices in comparison to paying a high or complete cost of the game. This application is easy to download and doesn’t require your Android phone to be rooted.

Real Money Poker apps

If you are looking for a poker game in PlayStore then you might come across various games but none of them is going to offer you real money services. Most of the real money poker games have been removed from official sites or banned. However, you can get the feel of the game by simply downloading “Real Money Poker apps” which is compatible with almost every Android phone.


Above are some of the easy to download applications that are not available in Google PlayStore but are a must for a phone. However, before you begin downloading them make sure that you download it from reliable sources such that it keeps your Android OS safe and protected.

Benefits of Adding Various PNG Effects to Your Images

A lot of people may not be agreeing with using png effects on images. But a lot of photographers admit that a lot of shots need some sort of png effects. Instead of changing the shot completely, the idea is to add element, remove or highlight any part to transform a simple photo into a flawless one. Here’s why you should add different PNG effects to your shots.

png effects download

You can Enhance Photo with Some Cool Photo PNG Effects

You can become a perfectionist from a photography geek. If you are not a perfectionist, you cannot be a photography lover. So, you can add a small detail to make yourself look best in your sight and add change to your photography skills. You can add dozens of effects to your photos that are available on your phone. When it comes to do it, you can have loads of effects to enhance the photos.

Conceal the Flaws of Your Images

You may not want to waste any excellent shot just because of a little mistake. Instead, you can add effects to them in order to remove any flaws and make your shots look even better than the beginning. By concealing the flaws in the photos that don’t look nice, you can easily trick the eyes and impress others with realistic photos. Even a small error can make your photo from better to bitter.

Get a Special Touch with Cool PNG Effects

When it comes to take pictures with pure passion and when it comes to use these shots to convey the message to the world, you may want to add a special touch to add lasting impression among the viewers. This is why you should use photo effects to get the original and unique touch that can definitely impress people to check your image.

Emphasize Your Subject

Every photo comes with a subject and photo looks even better when the subject is highlighted on that aspect. With the help of specific photo effects, one can easily obtain the focus. The subject will not be ruined and changed. So, you shouldn’t ignore the effects.

The Photo Looks Professional

By removing, adding, or highlighting some elements, photo may appear professional and you can use special effects for it.

Transform a Simple Photo into Artwork

Effects are known to change common images into artworks. You can transform a simple shot into an amazing artwork and you can become popular in your group.

PNG Effects Adding Beauty

A common photo can easily tell the whole story. But you can make story even more exciting, dramatic and interesting because of effects.  Even the most stunning shots having effect can look really perfect. Although they look nice, you can even highlight the details or the whole photo shot can be look amazing. You can add blurred effect or sharpen object to add some changes. You can easily transform the images with some of the common changes and make them look extraordinary.

Fortunately, there are lots of cool and amazing photo effects for those implicated in the world and these effects can be used to add certain details. There are many people who are not aware of the fact how to add effects to their photos. There are different apps available to add effects to your digital images. These effects can easily make your photos look unique and artistically done. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to edit your images. If you have good taste, you can add various cool effects to make your photos appear amazing and beautiful. You can get the effects you want from photo editors.