Top sherwani designs for men review

In Indian society, the wedding ceremony is a reason to shop and buy some damn expensive and classy clothes. Sherwani is one such kind of clothing which is most of the time wore by the groom in his wedding. Sherwani is a long coat which is fashioned by many different types of attire like Khara pajama, salwar or with kurta and churidar. It is a dress with heavy fabrics and hence is a heavy to wear cloth. Moreover, some sherwani’s are hand made and have hand work/art on it for designs and hence become more cumbersome. Though sherwani culture was started by the Muslim community in India, it was adopted by each and every sector for the purpose of a wedding.


Many Indian designers have introduced a lot of many designs and modern patterns so that they can provide Indian sherwani customers with something new and unique. Since sherwanis are a major clothing garment in Indian wedding’s, therefore, it is necessary that the sherwani’s woven must be different from each other in some way. Some of the top sherwani designs and their designers can be read below.

Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra is a name which is related to Bollywood since he has dressed a lot of actresses for various fashion shows, movies, parties, etc. But he has his designs and ideas extended to men clothing also. Being one of the India’s top fashion designers he has par the excellence of sherwani designs. His designs of sherwani are made especially for the groom to be in the limelight. His designs contain the perfect mixture of traditional, modern and funkiness one would like to wear. Though his stock of sherwani is way too high in price, it is worth since wedding is the just one-time event in one’s life. You can always find his designs in the best product reviews.

Rohit Bal

Rohit Bal was born in Kashmir and in currently working as a fashion designer in New Delhi. After gaining experience with his brother Rajiv Bal in Orchid Oversea Pvt.Ltd he started his own independent collection series from early 1990. His designs started the western looks in a sherwani. He gave some great dressing attire with sherwani with the colorful and embroidered robes.

Rajesh Pratap Singh

Born in Rajasthan Rajesh was always aware of how the sherwani must be evolved with the modern scenario. Therefore he took right guidance from NIFT, Delhi and graduated from this dome of art. He for expertise gain experience under the well-known designer of 90’s David Abraham. He started his independent designs from 1997 and made his name in the fashion industry with his unique and vibrant designs. Rajesh has launched his designs in many brave colors like blue, yellow and that too with velvet and shiny fabrics. He was awarded best the designer on 2009 GQ Men of the year award.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

This man from Kolkata had waved his flags of designs in many fashion shows globally and also have designed clothes for movies like English, Guzaarish, Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, Babul, etc. he started his own independent luxury brand of clothes under his name ‘Sabyasachi.’ He launched his designs of sherwani in 2009 at Lakme Fashion week for summer spring. The Indian diaspora most wears his designs since his designs have an Indian look with a fusion of western style. His sherwani, headgear, and kurta are mostly attractive with embroideries all over them, which gives it an Indian touch. You can always count on, even read the reviews of products by Sabyasachi and get yourself confident to purchase the product.


In weddings every individual desire to look as beautiful as possible. And to fulfill this desire one needs to go for some great designs and modern patterned and textured fabrics. The designers have mastered the art of understanding the fashion sense of a society with its culture and then design their cloth series for events required. And therefore are highly successful with designing top sherwani designs for men.