No No Hair Removal


No No Hair Removal.
No No Hair Removal

Hey all, I’m Tiffany and I have to state that I have checked out for years for a great inexpensive method to get rid of extra hair. That laser hair removal is too dang pricey. I have tried those creams, waxes which vicious spinning springtime thing that TEARS hair from your skin (ouch!). So when I saw no! no! in a few of those females publications I resembled, Yeah, right, I seen this before. Well someday I go to the hair salon obtaining that little mustache women my age obtain polished (my hubby thinks it’s funny) when my buddy Rachel that was getting her nails done claims she bought a no! no! and likes it.

So I hopped on my computer system and began looking around and all these ladies are stating it’s the most effective and it’s simple and not messy at all. I read through all the benefits the dermatologists were claiming concerning it which obtained me more curious so when I discovered that 60 day free of cost trial I figured it cost a try. Being able to return it certain beats tossing it in the trash after shelling out cash if it didn’t work, but I sure as heck ain’t ever delivering it back!

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When it can be found in the mail, I was looking at that small point thinking it’s not going to function, however I’ll offer it a go anyhow because I had nothing to shed. I did obtain the charming pink one and after reading the directions, I establish the no! no! to work on my arm (and permit me inform you, the no! no! had it’s work cut out for it). It took me a min to get that thumbs-up to stay on that allows you understand you’re using it right, however when I figured it out I looked at both arms in a snap. There was a little smokey smell, however it is regular (you are warming hair!) and it vanished fast.

After I was done with the no! no! on my arms, I made use of the buffer cloth that includes it to obtain the hairs off of the arms. It had not been painful or anything and it actually made my arms look smooth. I did discover I missed a couple of places and returned over with the equipment and then utilized the cloth once again yet it got them all!

This is a lot better than shaving or plucking. I only have to hit my legs and arms every couple of weeks and the hair keeps returning much less and much less after each use. Often I get a little dry place in some locations where more hair could have been yet the lotion the no! no! had actually makes a difference.

When my lady-stache returned about, the lightest setting on the no! no! worked simply fine for it. Heck, I may attempt to obtain the hubby to utilize it on his back! It’s really even taken a kick to those little hairs I obtain on my big toe (which always kept me from putting on sandals to the beach or celebrations since I never discovered they were back till it was too late).

Ladies, you cannot refuse attempting this with the free test. It took me a little longer compared to ordinary to see outcomes due to the fact that I have a great deal of thick hair, yet if you keep it up, you’re visiting be so delighted that you don’t have to shave daily. I might even buy a few additional for presents for my pals. I just wish our beauty shop does not go out of business from losing all the shavings in the area!

Tiffany from Atlanta, GA.

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